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PSD's School Garden is opening minds and filling bellies

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Students worked hard this summer in the school garden, learning lots of great life skills, and hope to claim a bountiful fall harvest this fall.  Click HERE to see more.

FB -- 10/21


Hawks - 14

NGP     - 21

VB -- 10/18


Prentice  - 0

Loyal       - 3

JVFB -- 10/17

Hawks             -  0

Spencer/Col. - 16

FB -- 10/14

Hawks             - 8

Spencer/Col. - 43

VB -- 10/11

Prentice       - 3

Assumption - 2



Students at PHS with an interest in the world beyond our borders can earn a Global Education Achievement Certificate through the Wisconsin DPI.  To learn more about how students can earn this certification, click HERE.


Academic Success!

Approximately an acre with 46 raised beds, a 50-tree apple orchard, a natural grassland prairie, an advanced rain barrel system, and even a hive or two of honey bees, the PSD School Garden has become an impressive sight indeed... [READ MORE]

Buc of the Month: October 2016

Señor Miguel Aguirre

Thurs 10/27 MSB @ Abby 5:00 | Sat 10/29 School Musical: Fiddler on the Roof 7:00