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DATE PUBLISHED         AUTHOR                          TITLE

11/14/2019                 Hannah Raab                  Fighting Hunger, One Backpack at a Time

11/12/2019                 Kelly Hueckman               Making Buckets and History: Amy Ring's Battle to Break Barriers

11/12/2019                 Kaden Hartmann              PHS Starts New Powerlifting Club

11/1/2019                   Kaden Hartmann              Coach Greg Smith: A Simple Name But Complex Man

11/1/2019                   Lauren Lallemont              Running to Rapids: Hawks Girls' Cross Country Team Qualifies for State!

10/29/2019                 Noah Schantner                Hawks' CC Team Escapes Bus Crash Uninjured

10/25/2019                 Hannah Raab                   Approaching the Finish: PHS Senior Kaitlyn Erickson is Running Strong

10/25/2019                 Kelly Hueckman                What's Your Strength? PHS Students Break the Silence About Teen Suicide

10/25/2019                 Lauren Lallemont              Totem Pole Family Night Connects Teachers, Parents, & Students

10/24/2019                 Lauren Lallemont              The Main Attraction: Meet New PHS Science Teacher Moriah Main

10/22/2019                 Kaden Hartmann               Fox News: Sly Residents Move to Prentice

10/16/2019                 Vivian Gehring                  PHS Student Council Hosts Fall Red-Cross Blood Drive

10/14/2019                 Lauren Lallemont              2019 PHS Homecoming Wrap Up: Seniors Snatch the Spirit Stick

10/14/2019                 The Snoop Staff                Flamingos Flock Local Yards for PHS Student Council Fundraiser

10/10/2019                 Hannah Raab                   One Chapter Ends & Another Begins: Ogema Teachers Transition to the North

10/7/2019                   Kelly Hueckman                Building Lifelong Skills: PHS Building Trades Class Continues Working on House Project    

10/2/2019                   Hannah Raab                   2019 Homecoming Competition Mid-Week Update: Who's On Top?

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