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Prentice School District

A Community of Excellence!

Summer 2016 Offerings

American Girl Camp        (Mrs. Dunbar)        (1-4)
Interested in what life was like for girls in the past. Participate in activities, crafts, games & food. Discuss topics that kids face today such as manners, being a good friend, & accepting others. 

Band Lessons (Afternoons)      (Ms. Cress)                     (5-12)
Summer band lessons are only for students entering 5th grade and taking band in the fall. 

Board Game Mania            (Ms. Koeller)        (1-5)
Join us to play all your favorite classic board games plus some new ones!  Fun for all, plus show cooperative social skills and following directions.

Book Cooks            (Ms. Daniel)        (1-3)
Do you love to cook? If so, then Book Cooks is the class for you. This class involves hands-on cooking experiences while enjoying award winning children’s literature.

Computer Skills            (Mr. Kraegenbrink)    (2-7)
We’ll be doing lots of fun Microsoft projects and games. 

Dance, Dance            (Ms. Daniel)        (1-3)
Are you ready to dance, move and have fun? If you said yes, then this class is for you. Learn basic dance moves and experience a variety of music. Once you find the beat, you won’t stop moving your feet!!

Dinosaur Days                    (Ms. Eklof)                        (1-5)
Read, write and learn about the lives of dinosaurs through large and small group activities.  We’ll also create craft projects based on our daily dinosaur discoveries.

Kids in the Kitchen            (Mrs. Nelson)             (4-8)
Munch, crunch, dip and sip while having fun learning to read and follow recipes, practice kitchen safety and doing kitchen math.

Internet Games & Safety        (Mr. Kraegenbrink)    (2-7)
Have fun learning and playing games on the internet that are safe and also learn internet safety.

Nitro Type                (Mr. Kraegenbrink)    (2-7)
Learn the fun and valuable method of speed typing by playing competitive typing games and racing your friends—all by improving your typing skills while competing in fast-paced races with typers from around the world.. 

PlayDoh Creations            (Ms. Koeller)        (1-5)
Use your artistic sculpting skills. Daily themes include monsters, insects, vehicles & buildings. Make-and-take projects too!!!

Science Arts                    (Ms. Eklof)                        (1-5)
Explore, experiment and discover amazing reactions, effects and results as we combine curiosity about science with the beauty of art.  Learn basic science by taking an active part in experimenting and experiencing while exploring with art materials.

Summer Crafts            (Ms. Daniel)        (1-4)
“Crafty” projects that can be created with a few simple materials.  Sand pictures, friendship bracelets, and tie-dying are a few examples.

Super Sitters             (Mrs. Nelson)          (6-8)
Learn physical safety, friendship, understanding and patience. Students will care for children of different ages. Provide day care and a more hands on approach.   (Limited Enrollment)

Travel The World            (Mrs. Dunbar)                  (1-5)
Explore cultures in other parts of the world.  You’ll receive your passport to “travel” to different countries such as China, Brazil, Australia and Europe.  We will explore sights, sounds and tastes through cooking.

Wild About Wildlife                               (Mrs. Dunbar)                (1-5)
Learn about different North American animals through activities, games, and projects.  See these animals in action on a field trip to Wildwood 

Remediation Skills                      (TBD)                     (3-7)                                
Focuses on students who have work to finish in order to pass. Varied reading and writing activities as time allows. (Teacher/Parent Recommendation Required)