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Buc of the Month: December 2016

Meet Je'Ann Johnson 

Bucs of the Month: November 2016

Meet The PSD Teacher Aides

Buc of the Month: October 2016

Meet Señor Miguel Aguirre


An approximate acre with 46 raised beds, a 50-tree apple orchard, a natural grassland prairie, an advanced rain barrel system, and even a hive or two of honey bees, the PSD School Garden has become an impressive sight indeed. [READ THE FULL STORY HERE...]

PHS Basketball & Small-Biz Saturday

Mannequin Challenge!

Food for Thought:

PSD's School Garden is expanding minds and filling bellies

PSD Features

Halftime Shootout

Karsyn J. 

Buc of the Month: September 2016

Meet Celine Lofland

No One Fights Leukemia Alone

#FightLeukemia #FightLikeABuccaneer