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Prentice Area Middle School is a 5th-Grade through 8th-Grade campus connected with Prentice Elementary and High School.  We encourage students at the Middle School to be active participants in our community.  The classrooms at the middle school are relatively self-contained, but some classroom-to-classroom movement helps students prepare for their upcoming high school experiences. 8th-Grade students not only have their core subjects, but they can also take Explore, Industrial Arts, Creative Living, Keyboarding, and Spanish courses, each lasting for 12-week periods.  7th- and 8th-Grade students can also engage in band and/or chorus to grow and showcase their musical talents.  All middle school students can become involved with student council.  Student Council meets monthly to help plan events in our school and to engage in many community endeavors.

1025 Town Street, Prentice, WI 54556 -- 715.428.2811