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​​​​Prentice High School is a 9th grade through 12th grade campus.  Students at PHS are encouraged to be active participants in the wide variety of courses and activities offered. In addition our strong core programs, some electives include: Introduction to Industrial Arts, Creative Living, Keyboarding, Spanish.  Additionally, advanced placement courses in English, Science, Math, and Social Studies are offered to help students earn college credits while in high school.

Prentice High School

1025 Town Street, Prentice, WI 54556 -- 715.428.2811

Since 2008, PHS has been involved with Project Lead the Way, which allows students to participate in courses in advanced industrial engineering, science, technology, and mathematics. 

In addition to School-To-Work flexibility, Distance Learning courses are also offered at the high school level. There are many different selections for Distance Learning courses, including but not limited to Computer Programming, Spanish, and Technical Mathematics.

All high school students can become involved with student council. Student Council meets monthly to help plan events in our school and to engage in various community endeavors. Here at PHS, we seek to provide the best learning opportunities that prepare students for their journeys ahead.


Prentice School District

A Community of Excellence!