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by Jodie Filenius

The National Honor Society is made of members who applied for membership and were selected by faculty based on academic achievement, display of leadership skills, involvement in the community, and diverse activities and interests.  This organization works to benefit not only the community but individuals around the world.  Examples include: co-hosting a semi-annual, hometown garage sale and have sponsoring Justin, a boy from Africa, since he was nine years old--he is currently 17.  NHS donates to charities on not only local, but national levels as well.

Locally, NHS purchased the school’s water bottle filter that is environmentally friendly, helping to reduce plastic waste. During holidays such as Christmas or Halloween, goodie bags are offered to the youth to encourage academic success.  Also around Christmas, NHS purchases gifts for children in need. In the student lounge in the high school, NHS contributed to buying the chess tables.

One goal this school year that NHS is looking into is sending books to communities and libraries in need throughout Africa.  NHS will be hosting a book drive during this school year and people are encouraged to aid in this donation.  Another project this organization will be working on is a retractable blind on the skylight in the school’s library. This will permit people to see the retractable screen that is used during meetings.  Currently, the lighting is so bright from the skylight that people can’t see the screen.  However, this blind will be beneficial to allow people to see what is being presented on the screen and make the best use possible of our school library.  

The National Honor Society benefits the community every opportunity it gets.  It is made up of members who have positive and motivational attitudes.  Learning today.  Leading tomorrow.

National Honor Society

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