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Students worked hard this summer in the school garden, learning lots of great life skills, and hope to claim a bountiful fall harvest this fall.  Click HERE to see more.

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Students at PHS with an interest in the world beyond our borders can earn a Global Education Achievement Certificate through the Wisconsin DPI.  To learn more about how students can earn this certification, click HERE.


Academic Success!

Mon 1/23 GB vs Lake Holcombe (LIVE) 5:45/7:15 | Tues 1/24 BB @ Phillips 5:45/7:15 | Thurs 1/26 GB vs Abby (LIVE) 5:45/7:15

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Buc of the Month: December 2016

Meet Je'Ann Johnson!

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GB 1/20


Phillips   - 

BB 1/19

Prentice - 78

Cheq.     - 65

​​GB 1/19
Prentice - 68
Abby      - 55

BB 1/17

Prentice - 65

Mellen    - 71

GB 1/17

Prentice - 74

Cheq.     - 24

BB 1/13

Prentice  - 76

Rib Lake - 71

​GB 1/12
Prentice - 45
Rib Lake - 38

U.S. News Best High Schools Award 2015 - Bronze

No One Fights Leukemia Alone  

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